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Is this the twentieth full lenght album by Center of the Universe? Well we lost count! The Unknown album continues the bands move towards music for the dance floor; Ambient boogie, faux-oriental disco, electronic music as if it was not split to a thousand micro-genres. There are still enough references to dig in for people passionate about music; the first track Playback features a sample by the worlds first known digital synth1, the same track also features a sax solo by norwegian jazz comet Jørgen Mathisen. The sleeve is a drawn by Espen Friberg

Center of the Universe is known for many as a remixer, and for uncountable performances in various localtions often other than music venues. The live show incorporates humorous multimedia and clarinette playing and soothing singing alongside live electronics.

1 Coupland Digital Music Synthesizer


New album on EUFORISK!

Singing with the Center of the Universe LP/DL is out now!

Center of the Universe track on – V​.​A. Elsewhere MCMXIII

Brilliant double-album compiled by DJ Sofa! Released on débruits label ICI!

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This tired father of two from Skjetten had to be 36 years old before daring to put four bass drums in a row at 120 BPM.Take the weirdest disco, slacker electronics, circuit bending and snake charmers: Go ahead and ram it into the mix (at high volume) to approach the Center of the Universe.

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A Center of the Universe track is included in this great mix by ACID ARAB:

Never mind the Børeks! New EP on Generation Bass



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Cover by Espen Friberg!

Releaseparty at Cafe Mir 27. february 21.00 with Dj Prunk Möbel and Stiv Heks!

A track by Center of the Universe on “The Wire Tapper 38″!

The CD/Download is given to all readers of the August issue of The Wire Magazine!