New video for Playback!

New video by Flu Hartberg & Bendik Kaltenborn feat. Ringo Hirtshals & Boblebad.
Video for a song on the Unknown album!

Cat sound on analog syntesizers! ^._.^

now is the time to share more of my work than just the finished music! I have been hoarding sounds and collecting (and also been modifying) instruments all along. I have also been doing a lot of research about how to do various things in electronic music. To share some of that I will kick off the COUtorials january 2020. The COUtorials are monthly tutorials accompanied by sample packs of my instruments and collected or designed sounds. First out is one about meowing on synths:

Videos for Unknown album!?@


Unknown album out now!

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The Unknown album is up on pre-order!

Is this the twentieth full lenght album by Center of the Universe? Well we lost count! The Unknown album continues the bands move towards music for the dance floor; Ambient boogie, faux-oriental disco, electronic music as if it was not split to a thousand micro-genres. There are still enough references to dig in for people passionate about music; the first track Playback features a sample by the worlds first known digital synth1, the same track also features a sax solo by norwegian jazz comet Jørgen Mathisen. The sleeve is a drawn by Espen Friberg

Center of the Universe is known for many as a remixer, and for uncountable performances in various localtions often other than music venues. The live show incorporates humorous multimedia and clarinette playing and soothing singing alongside live electronics.

1 Coupland Digital Music Synthesizer


New album on EUFORISK!

Singing with the Center of the Universe LP/DL is out now!

Center of the Universe track on – V​.​A. Elsewhere MCMXIII

Brilliant double-album compiled by DJ Sofa! Released on débruits label ICI!

New DJ-mixes!

Maxi single!

12” Maxi Single up for preorder!

This tired father of two from Skjetten had to be 36 years old before daring to put four bass drums in a row at 120 BPM.Take the weirdest disco, slacker electronics, circuit bending and snake charmers: Go ahead and ram it into the mix (at high volume) to approach the Center of the Universe.