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Exhibition at Gallery Nebbet, Fredrikstad


A consequence of Center of the Universes experimental and whimsy workin-methods is that material is constantly popping up that is  not working – or can be released as – “normal” music. This exhibition is a collection of such works.

Center of the universe has participated in several exhibitions, but it took an invitation from Nebbet to push the him headlong into a gallery.

Home baked Børek and Pastis was served at the opening!

Some sounds from the exhibiton:

Take a chance! ( 2014 Loop, ∞ ) Materials: Abba – Take a chance on me (1978 )

The song is cut into 431 parts that are played in random order .

Thanks to Steffen Grønneberg for the statistical calculation.

According to Grønneberg we must wait 6,2 * 10 squared by 1115
times the number of seconds the universe has existed up to now for it to be likely to hear the song in it’s original order.

Take A Chance! by Center of the Universe

1 Bpm (2014, loop, 01:00)

Materials: Roland tr-808 bassdrum, sampler

1 Bpm by Center of the Universe

Ravel ‘s Boléro Remastered (2014 Loop 16:03 )

Materials: Maurice Ravel : Boléro (1928, recorded 1930), from the release Ravel conducts Ravel

The volume of recorded music is constantly becoming louder! This phenomenon is known as the loudness war and it is estimated that the volume of a CD is 8.4 times louder now than 20 ago.

Ravel’s Boléro is known to many as a repetitive piece of music where the main theme is repeated 18 times with ever more instruments and increasing volume.

Center of the Universe have remastered Ravel’s own recording from 1930 by today’s standards so the piece has a constant volume from start to end.

Ravels Bolero Remastered by Center of the Universe


Some pictures from the exhibition:

A a video from the concert:

COU – Astral Harassment live at Nebbet from sigrid bendz on Vimeo.